The Ultimate Introvert HSP Starter Guide

At its core, being a healthy Introvert HSP is really about understanding your nervous system and how it works, so you can take good care of yourself.

Usually, it’s also about learning to rethink your understanding of sensitivity, and what it means to be sensitive in the world.

The Ultimate Introvert HSP Starter Guide

This article is meant as a basic guide of “what to know” and “where to start” to understand yourself as an HSP.

It’s basic, but it is in-depth.

So, it’s not an article to read through, necessarily, all in one shot.  I’ve included quite a few links to resources so that it’s as comprehensive as possible.

I’ve also “chunked” it down into 4 different sections, so you can more easily go through according to the sections that most interest you.

I hope it’s helpful on your path to discovering and understanding yourself (and staying healthy) as an Introvert HSP, or, as we call ourselves, Highly Sensitive Introverts.

This article includes:

What is HSP or a Highly Sensitive Person?

What You Believe About Your Sensitivity And Your HSP Frame

HSP Strengths and Challenges

Sensitivity And The Nervous System

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