About Highly Sensitive Introvert (HSI)

Being a highly sensitive person and an introvert takes grit. Whether you’ve already got it all figured out, or you’re looking for some new ideas and support, you know it’s not easy.

Learning to use your natural strengths as a highly sensitive introvert is also pretty amazing–it’s ease in who you are, confidence in what you can do, and peace of mind.

But most of all, it’s “doing” the things that mean something to you, even when they’re not easy, you don’t have confidence, and your mind is threatening to go off its rocker.  This is why it takes grit to be us.  Pretty cool, right?

Here at HSI, we help highly sensitive introverts make progress toward connecting with their natural strengths because it’s tough to wade through through the gunk on the inside (overwhelm, loneliness, shame).

But when we do, we create the opportunity to feel and be creative, experience joy, and feel fulfilled in the way we impact the world around us.

But we all need a little help along the way.  And most of us need help asking for help 😉

That’s why we’re here.  We haven’t got it all figured out, but we’re working on it just like you.

Eva Rubin
Founder, highlysensitiveintrovert.com

What We Make

Highly Sensitive Introvert - About

Courses and Community

Educational courses for every aspect of how to connect with your strengths.  You can watch videos and complete worksheets all from the comfort of your own home.  Community is built right into the learning process if you want it.  This is where you find support, encouragement, and accountability.

There is also a free Facebook Community anyone can request access to join.  Trained admins help keep it a safe and warm environment.

Weekly Articles

We write and publish weekly articles every Sunday on everything from setting boundaries, dealing with overwhelm and decision making, creativity, developing intuition, and healing from shame.  We want to “go deep,” and get into shining light on the process of self growth.

Creative Writing

We are writers at heart.  And, yet, the hardest thing to do is to put yourself out there.  Each of us is practicing and sharing our imperfections with you because we’re doing our work, too: feeling vulnerable and sharing our process.  It is our way of experimenting and walking our talk.  Follow along with us, and enjoy!

Who We Are

Highly Sensitive Introvert - About - Leila Skidmore

Leila Skidmore is HSI’s Head of Content.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - About - Eva Rubin

Eva Rubin is HSI’s founder.

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