The Artist’s Way: Writing Meditation in 750 Words

How To:
Write until you get to 750 words. Type as quickly as you can. Don’t let your brain catch up! Let your mind wander and fingers follow.  Just 750 words – real, made up, mis-spelled, or ridiculous – on the page.  That means no going back and fixing.  Keep writing through every urge to fix, slow down, make any kind of logical sense, or stop altogether.

I invite you to sit down with your tea or coffee, and join me here every morning. If you want to geek out like me, use your 750 words as writing therapy. Use coach.me and we can support each other to make it a habit.

Your privacy is yours. Write from the depths of your introverted heart. Your words are not saved here.


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Eva Rubin, MPH/LCSW

Hi! I'm Eva Rubin, LCSW. I study the psychology and the art of how to live well as an introvert and sensitive person so that I can learn and share it with you.
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