HSP Strengths and Challenges

As an HSP, you’re highly attuned to sensations, feelings, thoughts, events, situations, people and environments that surround you. Here are 10 challenges.


The Ultimate Introvert HSP Starter Guide

Introvert HSP health means taking good care of yourself to feel good. If you’re an introvert and discovering you’re HSP too, get what you need to know here.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Who's The Sociopath In Your Life - Eva Rubin

Who’s The Sociopath In Your Life?

A sociopath is in your daily life. Seven ways to spot a sociopath. Four techniques to keep yourself safe. Even when doing what’s healthy feels so wrong.

9 Lies That Hurt HSP Introverts

Self-compassion doesn’t sugarcoat reality. It recharges your emotional battery. Don’t believe the 9 lies that hurt HSP introverts disconnect and drain you.

This Is What You Can Do

There are no words for two more Black men murdered by police. The murders of Dallas police officers aren’t an answer. But there’s is something you can do.