Highly Sensitive Introvert - Papercut Hurts Shouldn't Hurt, But They Do

Papercut Hurts Shouldn’t Hurt

A look, a tone of voice, a little insensitive comment? Papercut hurts shouldn’t hurt, but they do. Acknowledge them and practice accepting your sensitivity.


How To Own Your HSP

When you own your HSP, you recognize your strengths and your own wisdom. At the heart of it, you learn to express them even when it’s hard or you’re scared.


3 Easy Ways To Stop Overthinking

Thinking a lot about what happened or what’s going to happen is overthinking. It also makes you really unhappy. Get three simple ways to stop overthinking.

Highly Sensitive Introvert-May We Get A Moment of Silence-Eva Rubin

May We Get A Moment Of Silence?

May we get a moment of silence? For Highly Sensitive introverts, silence is necessary to live well. In fact, research shows that silence is good for us all.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Connect With Other Highly Sensitive Introvert Aliens Just Like You - Eva

Connect With Other Highly Sensitive Introvert Aliens Just Like You

So, it’s finally official.  Today, Shannon, Leila, and I are launching Highly Sensitive Introvert (HSI). Yaaaay! We have no idea if it’ll work, but are excited to do our best to create content that inspires hope and pathways to BE more of who we are as Highly Sensitive Introverts: quiet, sensitive, and strong. Living from the inside out is an art …

Shame Is Not The Same As Guilt

Do you know the difference between shame and guilt and why the difference is important? I didn’t.  Not until I started reading up on it, anyway.  It made me go back and think about some of my experiences a little differently. Part of why shame and guilt are confused is because it’s easier to talk about guilt than it is to …


Shame Is The Hole In Chapter One

Six months ago if you’d asked me if I experienced shame, I would’ve laughed at the suggestion.  I’ve accomplished a lot.  What would I have to feel shame about?  I’m not laughing now. Several months ago, I left in tears after an “informational interview” with a Director of a large social services agency.  I was nervous, but I’d prepared well. …