The Strength of Sensitivity

The strength of sensitivity calls out the lie that the only way to be strong is with a clash of swords. Love in action is a different kind of strength.

A Ripple of Kindness

It was a holiday weekend where I live, and each day was one of working hard outside in the sun. By the final evening of the weekend I was hot & tired, my energy was spent. A lot was accomplished over the weekend. The grass mowed, lawn trimmed, garden tilled. We moved a 20 foot garden shed from one end …


The Feelings That Have No Place Inside

There are feelings that have no place inside you – or shouldn’t. When you feel helpless or overwhelmed, how will you still take that next step forward?

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Leila Skidmore - How HSP Introverts Rob Themselves

How HSP Introverts Rob Themselves

HSP Introverts rob themselves with a “we are better but extroverts rule the world” attitude. An extrovert ideal may rule, but we don’t have to be ruled.

Subtle Shine

I am sitting outside on the steps in my backyard. It’s just dawn now. The sun’s rays are barely starting to touch the sky and change it’s colour. I’ve been outside for an hour. I came out as soon as my alarm went of this morning. Lately, I have found my way out here most mornings. I will start off …