Highly Sensitve Introvert - Depression? Grab Your Brush - Leila Skidmore

Depressed? Grab Your Brush

Depressed? It’s not a blanket cure for depression, but mindfulness is one of those “little tools” to help turn the tide to really start living life again.


Joy Doesn’t Come From Perfect

Joy is supposed to fill the holidays, but it’s easy to get caught up in other peoples’ “perfect” lives and feel depressed. Joy is here. Now. And imperfect.


The Strength of Sensitivity

The strength of sensitivity calls out the lie that the only way to be strong is with a clash of swords. Love in action is a different kind of strength.


The Keepers of Community

Hate denies humanity. Withdrawing in response to the suffering it causes is understandable. But keepers of community are needed. You are needed.

A Ripple of Kindness

It was a holiday weekend where I live, and each day was one of working hard outside in the sun. By the final evening of the weekend I was hot & tired, my energy was spent. A lot was accomplished over the weekend. The grass mowed, lawn trimmed, garden tilled. We moved a 20 foot garden shed from one end …