When Negativity Is Beautiful And Needed

Negativity can be powerfully good and beautiful when it creates opportunity for change. But you have to recognize toxic negativity so it doesn’t poison you.


The Feelings That Have No Place Inside

There are feelings that have no place inside you – or shouldn’t. When you feel helpless or overwhelmed, how will you still take that next step forward?

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Eva Rubin - How HSPs Can Cultivate Peace

How HSPs Can Cultivate Peace

Peace equals sanity for many Highly Sensitive Introverts. And, yet, how often can you say “I’m at peace?” It takes practice. In moments and meditations.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Leila Skidmore - How HSP Introverts Rob Themselves

How HSP Introverts Rob Themselves

HSP Introverts rob themselves with a “we are better but extroverts rule the world” attitude. An extrovert ideal may rule, but we don’t have to be ruled.