This Is What You Can Do

There are no words for two more Black men murdered by police. The murders of Dallas police officers aren’t an answer. But there’s is something you can do.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - I Am The Mother of An HSP Son - Leila

I Am The Mother of an HSP Son

I felt helpless as my son sank into depression. Once I accepted my own sensitivity, I could help him accept himself as a highly sensitive introverted male.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Papercut Hurts Shouldn't Hurt, But They Do

Papercut Hurts Shouldn’t Hurt

A look, a tone of voice, a little insensitive comment? Papercut hurts shouldn’t hurt, but they do. Acknowledge them and practice accepting your sensitivity.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Feel Worthless? Break the Shackles - Leila

Feel Worthless? Break the Shackles

The voice of worthlessness is not always loud but its there. Still, just because you hear it doesn’t mean you have to believe the whispered lies it tells.


How To Own Your HSP

When you own your HSP, you recognize your strengths and your own wisdom. At the heart of it, you learn to express them even when it’s hard or you’re scared.

Own your HSP

As long as I can remember I’ve been too sensitive. As a young child, I was extremely emotional. I cried often. I was sensitive to the cruelty of others, even when it wasn’t directed at me. I would pick up on unspoken emotion, particularly tension or anger, in other people. I was shy also and sensitive to fear of new …


3 Easy Ways To Stop Overthinking

Thinking a lot about what happened or what’s going to happen is overthinking. It also makes you really unhappy. Get three simple ways to stop overthinking.

Highly Sensitive Introvert-May We Get A Moment of Silence-Eva Rubin

May We Get A Moment Of Silence?

May we get a moment of silence? For Highly Sensitive introverts, silence is necessary to live well. In fact, research shows that silence is good for us all.