It All Starts With a Tomato Plant.  Day 1

It all starts with a tomato plant. A Paul Robeson Heirloom variety, to be specific. This is my experiment. My reminder that I am here to grow. That I can touch and taste and smell the fruits of my labor. My plant could die due to some unforeseen event. It could be eaten by worms. Or pooped upon by one …

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Keep Energy Vampires on Their Side - EVa Rubin

Keep Energy Vampires On Their Side

There is one almost fail-safe way to brand energy vampires and un-invite them to your life.  Set boundaries. For those of us who are highly sensitive, Energy Vampires can make a huge difference in our level of physical, mental, and emotional energy levels.  Severe drops in energy can appear to come “out-of-nowhere,” but if there aren’t health reasons for them, Energy Vampires …


5 Things I Learned About Energy Vampires

I had a friend who I helped out recently.  He was in need, and I wanted to help.  He’s a good guy and I empathized with his situation.  So I extended myself.  Turns out that I extended myself to an Energy Vampire.  This is what I learned.


No Energy, No Energy Vampires

Have you ever had a friend who was in need, and you, being the good friend, stepped in to help?  But then, after a while you find yourself “stepping in” more than you would like? Is it possible this person is an Energy Vampire?

How Do You Invite Energy Vampires?

So you want to repel the Energy Vampires in your life, eh? The bad news is that it’s a little harder than wearing a garlic wreath around your neck, holding up a mirror to see if they have a reflection, or throwing holy water on offending suckers.


Loathe Energy Vampires? 5 Ways to Know The Suckers

  Energy Vampires are people who literally suck the energy right out of you if you give them the time and the opportunity.  I’m not attributing any other-worldly demon force to them, although, I can’t claim to be the definitive source on the subject. To be fair, there are different categories of Energy Vampires.  What to do about them, depends …

Definition of Introvert

Who Else Wants to Be Understood? A New Definition of Introvert?

Language matters.  Because language holds power.  What might come out of our mouths could be, at times, a jumbled mess, or even non-sensical transposed first letters of subsequent words.  Sometimes our minds might buzz like poorly tuned radio stations when put on the spot in social situations.