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Leila, Shannon, and I (Eva) met in what’s now become a very popular introvert group.

We each connected almost instantly, and were amazed by the ways in which our experiences paralleled in life.  The content of our lives was as different as could be, but the way we experienced it was uncannily similar.

Many times it felt like we were almost taking the words out of each others’ mouths.  Somehow, it felt like finding out each of us wasn’t the only alien walking around on planet earth.  It was a new and powerful experience.

We talked about overwhelm at the supermarket trying to figure out which one of the gazillion brands to buy; our brains freezing and going blank when we got put on the spot at work; the constant looping around paralysis when faced with decisions; betrayals by people who we thought were friends; being assertive and not people pleasing in relationships; the hot lava-like explosions of shame at not feeling good enough, the surface chit-chat that annoyed us.

But we didn’t just talk.  Didn’t just listen.  We helped each other focus on what we could do.

It was powerful because we could laugh at ourselves in one breath.  And in the next breath, talk about the things that went deep.  The things that struck at the core of our being and got in the way of our natural strengths of sensitivity, reflection, and thoughtfulness.

And that is why we created Highly Sensitive Introvert.

For you to have this experience, too.  When you join us, it is because you want to connect deeply with people in the community, you want to learn, and you want to make change in yourself and in the world around you.

Because you hunger for connection with others.

While space and quiet and solitude can make up an introvert’s paradise, there’s a fine line between having that space, and crossing over it to isolate and withdraw.  You need real, meaningful, and supportive exchanges.

With experience as admins of introvert groups, we know what it takes to create a warm group environment for you.  We’ve created our own Highly Sensitive Introvert group to invite the connection you seek.

Because you hunger for growth that changes you for the better.

We do, too.  Growth for growth’s sake is wonderful.  Growth for the purpose of moving through fear or experiencing more joy is what matters.

We speak to the day-to-day experience of how you handle the difficult internal experiences of highly sensitive people who are also introverts.  There isn’t much grounded help that goes beyond the surface, and we want that to change.

The three of us are not strangers to the real challenges of being sensitives and introverts.  We’re also not strangers to what it takes to make changes that help us be healthier and stronger.

We break down the science behind some of the reasons why you feel the way you do.  We write about the same challenges and joys you experience.  We show you what works for us and why.

Because you hunger to connect with your natural strengths to make change in your own life and in the world around you.

There are wonderful and necessary dialogues about how to bring more knowledgeself-acceptance, and recognition in the HSP and introvert communities.  We’re adding to the dialogue to bring more strength to the world within us to contribute powerfully to the world around us.

Come, join us.

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Eva Rubin, MPH/LCSW

Hi! I'm Eva Rubin, LCSW. I study the psychology and the art of how to live well as an introvert and sensitive person so that I can learn and share it with you.
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Weekly articles on quiet and sensitive living
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