Highly Sensitve Introvert - The Cure for Feeling Misunderstood - Leila Skidmore

The Cure for Being Misunderstood

It’s difficult when you’re misunderstood. When I say “misunderstood” – I don’t mean when I am misunderstood as a whole, since it’s impossible for us to ever understand each other as people, completely. No, instead I mean situation by situation, when my words are not heard for the real message behind them, or when my actions are not viewed as …

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Hello, I'm Awkward - Leila Skidmore

Hello, I’m Awkward

Feeling awkward and shy happens to many HSI. Overwhelming social situations are challenging! But don’t hate your awkward self. Be gloriously awkward.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Trying to Keep Up - Leila Skidmore

Trying to Keep Up

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to keep up. You don’t want to miss out so you “push through” on a dead introvert battery. TTKU is the problem. Not you.


When Crisis Comes

When crisis comes, it’s easy to doubt yourself and feel that deep ache inside take over. But, it’s also a chance to re-focus on what matters. This moment.

Highly Sensitve Introvert - Depression? Grab Your Brush - Leila Skidmore

Depressed? Grab Your Brush

Depressed? It’s not a blanket cure for depression, but mindfulness is one of those “little tools” to help turn the tide to really start living life again.


Joy Doesn’t Come From Perfect

Joy is supposed to fill the holidays, but it’s easy to get caught up in other peoples’ “perfect” lives and feel depressed. Joy is here. Now. And imperfect.