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Connect With Other Highly Sensitive Introvert Aliens Just Like You

So, it’s finally official.  Today, Shannon, Leila, and I are launching Highly Sensitive Introvert (HSI).


We have no idea if it’ll work, but are excited to do our best to create content that inspires hope and pathways to BE more of who we are as Highly Sensitive Introverts: quiet, sensitive, and strong.

Living from the inside out is an art that we haven’t quite figured out yet, either.  But we’re sharing what we learn from personal and professional experience to tap into the wisdom within us and within the HSI community we hope you’ll join.

We’re working hard on developing education specifically designed by and for introverts who are also Highly Sensitive People.  Walking in the world as an introvert with such heightened sensitivities brings its challenges and pains, and we think it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Together, we can change the world–at least our little corner of it–by bringing a little more joy, a little more creativity, and a lot more meaning to the lives we lead.

To kick things off, we want to know what matters to you so we can write for you.

What do you struggle with most as a Highly Sensitive Introvert?

  1. Let us know here.
  2. Then, come join us by requesting access to our closed Facebook group to get to know other like minded sensitive souls.

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you, and learning from you as we start down this exciting path.

With much warmth,


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Eva Rubin, MPH/LCSW

Hi! I'm Eva Rubin, LCSW. I study the psychology and the art of how to live well as an introvert and sensitive person so that I can learn and share it with you.
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