Highly Sensitive Introvert - HSI Vanquish The Facebook Insensitivity Troll Method - Eva Rubin

HSI Vanquish The Facebook Insensitivity Troll Method

The HSI Vanquish The Facebook Insensitivity Troll Method is a result of taking steps to be proactive.  We want our Facebook members to feel safe and learn tools that can be helpful. The Method is a blueprint for what you could try in these situations–whether you witness insensitivity toward another member, experience insensitivity through papercut hurts, or bullying behaviors. No …

Highly Senstive Introvert - The Mother Witin - Eva Rubin

The Mother Within

Mothers create the image of the “mother within” us. Even when they’re not present, they still shape us. This is my letter to my mother this Mother’s Day.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Conflict: Run. To. It. - Eva Rubin

Conflict. Run. To. It.

Most people don’t handle conflict well. It’s not easy. But maybe, just maybe, learning to get through it may mean more satisfying and caring relationships.


The Keepers of Community

Hate denies humanity. Withdrawing in response to the suffering it causes is understandable. But keepers of community are needed. You are needed.

When Negativity Is Beautiful And Needed

Negativity can be powerfully good and beautiful when it creates opportunity for change. But you have to recognize toxic negativity so it doesn’t poison you.

Highly Sensitive Introvert - Eva Rubin - How HSPs Can Cultivate Peace

How HSPs Can Cultivate Peace

Peace equals sanity for many Highly Sensitive Introverts. And, yet, how often can you say “I’m at peace?” It takes practice. In moments and meditations.