The Strength of Sensitivity

The strength of sensitivity calls out the lie that the only way to be strong is with a clash of swords. Love in action is a different kind of strength.


The Feelings That Have No Place Inside

There are feelings that have no place inside you – or shouldn’t. When you feel helpless or overwhelmed, how will you still take that next step forward?

HSP Strengths and Challenges

As an HSP, you’re highly attuned to sensations, feelings, thoughts, events, situations, people and environments that surround you. Here are 10 challenges.


The Ultimate Introvert HSP Starter Guide

Introvert HSP health means taking good care of yourself to feel good. If you’re an introvert and discovering you’re HSP too, get what you need to know here.


The Insensitive Sensitive

I am a highly sensitive person and today I was insensitive. I hurt a loved one’s feelings. I did not hurt him intentionally, but I was very thoughtless.